Benefits Of A Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass Pools Are Easier And Faster To Install
The pool shells are assembled off-site and can be installed in one week. Concrete and vinyl pools take much longer to install and require a much more difficult install process.

Fiberglass Pools Are Easier And Less Costly To Maintain
Fiberglass pools have a gel coat that resists algae growth; this makes keeping the pool clean easier and not as costly. Vinyl liner pools will need to have their liners 
replaced eventually, which costs thousands. Concrete pools need to be acid washed every few years and sometimes resurfaced. None of these task will be necessary with a fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass Pools Have Non-Abrasive Surfaces
The gel coat of a fiberglass pool does more than resist algae growth- it makes it very smooth to the touch. You won't get scratches on your extremities as you would in a concrete pool.


Fiberglass Pools Are Better For Saltwater Systems 
Saltwater pools are a growing trend that is great for customers and the environment. But, while saltwater pools must maintain proper water chemistry for effective sanitation and bather comfort, the systems are very hard on concrete and vinyl pools. Fiberglass is the material many sea-going boats and yachts are made with and fiberglass pools are completely saltwater friendly

Building Permits Are Easier With ICC Certification 
An International code council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Certification brings you one step closer to obtaining building permits for your pool. Only the highest quality products receive the ICC-ES stamp for approval. Latham Pools are among them.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
A Latham pool is built to last a 
lifetime- a lifetime of carefree ownership and space of mind. A Latham pool comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the structure and surface of the pool. By selecting a Latham pool you will automatically enjoy the benefits of having a well-established leader in the swimming pool industry behind you every step of the way.

install pic of pool.jpg
install pic of pool.jpg
drone shot of trents project .jpg

 Installment process will look like this in the photos shown above. You can be swimming in as little as a few days.
​1. Excavation
2.Setting of the pool by crane
3.Plumbing & Equipment set up/electrical work
5.Auto Cover Install
6.Time to enjoy the pool